Our Food Philosophy


Chef Jonas StadtlanderThe Sooke Harbour House Kitchen serves local, seasonal and organic foods, and the menu changes daily to reflect this.  Wild foods feature prominently on our offerings, and our 35-year relationship with local farms, fishers, artisans and foragers has defined us and historically helped spur the Canadian industry into the common theme we have today in forward-thinking restaurants.  Our 3-acre, manicured, rare herb and edible blossom garden and our temperate sea-warmed location make it possible to extend seasons beyond the norm for Canada, allowing us to serve tomatoes and fresh wild mushrooms in the middle of winter.

There has always been a passionate crew of local and foreign cuisiniers that come to learn the iconic gardens and philosophy that have generated many of the finest chefs in the country.

With our unique take on simple, accurate preparations set against dramatic presentations, we provide a geographically-rooted culinary poem: the finest we can source, presented with flair from the best ideas of the day, always excellent and occasionally reaching the sublime. Creativity has always been a tenet of this kitchen; experimentation and learning, interesting ingredients and preparations. Our gastronomical menu is a gourmet experience worth indulging in; making for an exploration of the season and region. Our catering for weddings and other special events follow the same commitment to quality.

Executive Chef Jonas Stadtlander has created a new weekly menu for our award winning, fine dining restaurant.  The choices are greater and the food philosophy remains the same, now guests can preview our weekly menu online.  “This structure gives our guests a greater variety of choice and my team still has the creative flexibility to use fresh, local ingredients with a more efficient and consistent system,” says Stadtlander.  “This is a progression that I think will make everyone happy,” he adds.

The weekly menu will run from Thursday through Monday, check the current menu page for the most up to date menu.  We look forward to serving you!

Our Organic Garden & Grounds

Our edible landscape includes over 200 herbs, greens, edible flowers and vegetables. We grow naturally, organically and seasonally. Whether it be a leaf, a flower, a root, a tuber, a stem, fruit or a bulb, our garden and grounds are rich with fantastical colours and amazing flavours. Our aim is to grow interesting, delicious products to use in our kitchen. Thankfully, our favourable climate allows us to do this year round. Our gardens contain annuals, biennials, and perennials with both shrubs and trees. This garden design allows us to produce healthy, fresh, and delicious food. Because of our strong commitment to our food philosophy, our menu is constantly evolving and changing. Every day is an adventure in various flavours and aromas, with passion and care cultivated in each final product.

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