Carrie Osborne

Paint Life Laughing is my studio in beautiful Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. I live surrounded by shades of blues and greens, four seasons and multicoloured skies which invariably influence your works. I paint inner landscapes, varied and diverse, that weave colours of things seen and unseen, of imagery, of spirit and emotion.

“Paint Life Laughing” is also a personal mantra that helps keep that balance of wonder and joy in the hard work of being an Artist. It is the choosing to embrace the adventure and the excitement of endless possibilities when in front of a blank canvas. It is to be courageous enough to allow an image to emerge within a painting, slowly listen and nudge it forth.
It is to learn to Paint Life Laughing

“Outside the Canvas” is the bits and pieces of my eclectic musings, my work, poetry…and hopefully, some interesting discoveries I make as an artist shred along the way. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, since my son pointed out “nobody wants to reads blog novels Mom”.
So…Here’s to living our Passion and Painting!

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