Sooke Salmon Charters

Meet Your Fishing Guide

Fishing GetawayRollie Rose was introduced to fishing at the age of 8 years of age.   His grandparents owned a waterfront cabin on Gordon’s beach which is located close to Otter Point and just 6 miles west of the Sooke Harbour House Hotel.  There Rollie spent every summer weekend and any holiday time at the cabin fishing in a small boat launched from the beach.  His grandfather did a good job at giving him the fishing bug.  When he turned 13 years old he bought his own boat and began fishing on his own.  Rollie spent countless hours learning the local waters, perfecting his skills and quickly became one of the known top fishermen.  In 1986 Vancouver hosted Expo and with all the visitors the event attracted Rollie thought it would be a good time to start a fishing charter business.

He was 28 years old when he took his first paying customers out fishing as a guide and now in 2017 and some 31 years later he has met and fished with guests from all over the globe.   This has included famous celebrities, pro-sports stars, musicians and politicians.  Rollie’s secret for success is to always work hard to produce something even when it appears the odds are stacked up against him.   Most guests either leave a charter trip with more fish than they expected or appreciating the fact that they saw very fish caught but Rollie managed to find one.   His niche within the local fishing charter fleet is his ability and proven track record on landing larger fish on light tackle.  Over his fishing charter career he has taken 35 Chinook salmon over 40 pounds and the largest went 52 pounds.   Less than 1% of local fishermen have ever hooked a Chinook over 50 pounds.   Why light tackle?  Rollie says “it’s just a lot fun when you spend more time playing the fish and less time waiting to play a fish”

In the past 15 years Rollie has become very involved as a volunteer.  He feels so lucky to have had the upbringing he did with his grandparents and to have had all the positive life experiences during his younger years.  He hopes the work he now does will ensure the next generations will  also be so lucky.   Rollie does donate $5.00 from each charter trip to the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition of which he is a director.   The donated money helps to support a Chinook salmon enhancement project that is intended to provide a stable supply of food for our threatened population of resident killer whales.  You can read more at:   Rollie is also the lead organizer of the Oak Bay Marine Group Juan De Fuca Fishing Tournament which gives away over $100,000.00 in prizes to 600 participants  and the proceeds from event go to the same salmon enhancement project.  Rollie is also a director of the Juan De Fuca Salmon Restoration Society.  The society runs an impressive salmon interpretive centre on the Charters River which flows into the Sooke River.   Many bus loads of school children visit the centre each fall while salmon are spawning in the river and learn all about the salmon’s life cycle and the importance they play in the west coast ecosystem.

When asked how much longer he plans to be a fishing guide and to stay involved as a volunteer he responds, ” If Mick Jagger and the Stones can stick it out for over 50 years I should be able to match that.”

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