Sooke Harbour House Update

I would like to start this update on Sooke Harbour House with a big thank you to all the individuals that have called and emailed with comments regarding the hotel. We have received hundreds of emails and other communications from people across the world who love this Hotel. Your comments, stories and feedback have been both informative and validating as we work through the renovation of the hotel.

Like all renovations, as soon as you start, you realize that there is more work to be done than you have originally hoped and the renovation of Sooke Harbour House is no exception. As we have worked through the hotel we have found many projects that we had not originally planned on undertaking. However, as we are already closed we felt that was best to do as much work as possible so that the hotel is ready to serve guests for another 30 years in the style and manner that they have come to expect.

As we have proceeded with the renovation we have taken your comments and feedback into account. Our goal in this renovation has always been to respect the history of the hotel while still looking to the future. In order to do this we are taking the required time to do the job properly.

Unfortunately, this means at this time we don’t yet have a firm re-opening date set.

Our team is continuing to work hard on site and as we start to firm up a re-opening date, we will post further updates here.

We look forward to serving you all again in the future.


Alex Watson

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