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Sooke Harbour House is proud to showcase the foods of Vancouver Island and we believe that the wines of our region are the best accompaniments to the foods on our menus. These wines are generally characterized by low oak and alcohol levels, good acidity, and are medium-bodied, all of which render these wines optimal candidates for wine and food pairing.

More than ninety percent of the wines that we serve come from British Columbia, and an increasing number come from Vancouver and Saltspring Islands. At Sooke Harbour House, we hope that the marriage of regional wine and food will help lay the groundwork for an emerging Vancouver Island regional cuisine.

We also place an emphasis on sustainability, and that means we like to choose wines that travel shorter distances. We support nearby wineries that adhere to sustainable, certified organic (wherever possible) viticultural practices. The number of wineries in this region keeps growing, and so does the selection of good Island wines.

Sooke Harbour House’s emphasis is on regional wines that will enhance the flavours of the foods from our inn’s certified organic gardens and from the farmers, fishermen, and foragers of southwestern Vancouver Island. We believe the best ingredients are local, at the height of their freshness and flavour. The synergy between the ingredients and vines of our region provides better pairing than wines and foods from dissimilar climates and soils. We believe that what grows together, goes together!


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